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Property Transfer Co-Ordination

Kingston Property Conveyancers

Property Transfer Co-ordination (“PTC”) commenced business in 1982. The firm was formed by its current principal Paul Cope whilst employed as a young lawyer with a large property and financial services group. As a subsidiary within the group PTC became a leading forerunner in the provision of conveyancing services outside the sector of the traditional providers i.e. solicitors.

Paul, together with a former partner, liberated the firm from its original owner in 1984 and has continued carry on business from Kingston upon Thames providing Residential and Commercial Conveyancing to clients in London, Surrey and the Southern Counties.

After some 30 years of practice the ethos of the firm remains unchanged: to provide home buyers, sellers and commercial clients with not only efficient and cost-effective legal services but also a personal service offering support and providing the confidence for clients to achieve their aims in whichever market they are involved.

At PTC clients do not deal with “teams” or interact with anonymous web-based entities but with individuals who they come to know and trust. We have a loyal client base who appreciate that we know who they are and what they are doing in the world of property. We would like you to join them!

PTC is regulated by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers. Our Recognised Body Licence number is 11356. For more information on the CLC please go to

We have a written complaints procedure that sets out how P.T.C handles complaints which is available here