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Landlord & Tenant

If you own leasehold property or wish to create a lease or tenancy,
you may need our services for any of the following:


Lease extensions/renewals

When the unexpired term of long leasehold flats diminishes to around less than 75 years owners will experience problems with marketability and similarly buyers of such property will be advised to enquire as to the cost of extending the term.

Owners of such property have the option of negotiating with the landlord on an open market basis for the grant of an extension or, if the landlord is non-compliant, the tenant has a statutory right to an extended term subject to strict criteria.

We shall be pleased to advise you on the best course of action, potential problems and of course, the cost of extension.

Other variations of a lease

As the owner of a leasehold property you may have a defect in the terms of your lease which requires rectification. Such defects may arise simply from the age of the lease or possibly an omission or issue which was not or could not have been contemplated during the original drafting. We can offer assistance in negotiating the rectification of the Lease with your landlord in order to remedy the defect.

Tenants’ purchase of freehold interest

Tenants of long leasehold flats within a building may have a statutory right to collectively purchase the freehold from the landlord if certain conditions are met and there is sufficient participation by the tenants. We are able to advise clients on the legal requirements and costs involved in such an application.

Landlord’s grant of new leases

Owners of freehold property who are contemplating the separation of a building into flats will require advice as to the nature of the scheme, statutory requirements and the granting of appropriate leases. We shall be pleased to advise clients on this type of project

Landlord’s sale of freehold interest to Tenants

Where a landlord of property comprising long leasehold flats decides to dispose of his freehold interest, he has a statutory obligation to first offer it to the tenants in certain circumstances before he is permitted to sell on the open market. We are able to advise landlords and tenants as to their rights and obligations in this respect.

Preparation of residential tenancies

Where landlords hold investment property for short-term letting, we shall be pleased to provide tenancy agreements at the outset and any necessary statutory documentation for the termination of tenancies.