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Residential Conveyancing

Psychologists tell us that moving home is the second most stressful period that we may encounter during our lives. This can be brought about by various participants and intermediaries within the process but we don't think that stress should be caused by your legal representative!


First-time Buyers or Moving House

Whether you're a first-time buyer or you move home every other year (just because you’re easily bored) we will try to provide you with answers to all of your questions or provide a solution for your problems. If we can't, we’ll find someone who can!

We’ll try and get you through your home move is as quickly and quietly as possible but if external elements of the process try to intervene, we will do our best to enable you to “keep calm and carry on!”

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Key Stages of your sale or purchase

Information that you should know about:
Disbursement costs - Those costs you will incur in addition to our fees


Changing your Lender

When you want to change your existing Mortgage Lender for another (probably because a better interest rate is available), this process is called a Remortgage. It involves removing the old mortgage security from the title to your property a registering a security for the new loan

We can assist you after you have found a suitable new lender who will then instruct your appointed Legal Representative to act for them in the process.

After you have obtained your new Mortgage Offer from a Lender we then become involved. The remaining process is generally painless for the Borrower (you).

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Transfers of Equity

Where one of two (or more) joint owners of property wishes to take over or buy out the interest of the other subject to an existing mortgage secured on the property, this process is known as a Transfer of Equity.

If you are the person who proposes to take on the ownership of jointly owned property and have agreed the transfer with your co-owners, the next step will be to contact your mortgage lender in order to establish whether it will permit you to take over the loan on your own. This may require the completion of an application form similar to that which you completed when you first applied for the mortgage.

If the mortgage lender agrees, it will ask you the details of your legal representative who will then be instructed to progress the transfer of the property. In some circumstances it may be necessary for your co-owners to be independently represented by another firm. In many cases however no conflict of interest arises and, provided that all parties agree, we are able to act for both the incoming and outgoing proprietors in such matters.

A similar operation is required if a sole owner of property which is subject to an existing mortgage, wishes to transfer into the joint names of himself and another person but subject to the existing mortgage. Again, reference must first be made to the mortgage lender for consent to such a transfer.

Please contact us to advise us of your requirements and obtain a quotation of costs.